Referencing Styles

Base Classes For Composing Styles

Basic Styles

Basic styles that support both textual and parenthetical citations. Should provide roles with names p, ps, t, ts, ct, and cts. Here, t stands for textual and p for parenthetical. The c prefix causes the first letter to be capitalized, and the s suffix causes all authors to be named rather than shortening the list using “et al.” or some other suffix as specified by the style.

Extra Styles

For styles providing additional roles, e.g. for citations that specifically use the label, the author, the year, etc. The convention for these styles is to have one role for producing whichever text needs to be had, and to have a par suffix in the role name if the citation text needs to be embedded in brackets (for example label and labelpar).

Full Styles

For styles that combine a basic style with one or more extra styles.