Source code for sphinxcontrib.bibtex.roles

    .. autoclass:: CitationRef

    .. autoclass:: CiteRole

        .. automethod:: result_nodes

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, List, NamedTuple, cast

import docutils.nodes
from pybtex.plugin import find_plugin
from sphinx.roles import XRefRole

from .citation_target import CitationTarget, parse_citation_targets

    from .domain import BibtexDomain

[docs]class CitationRef(NamedTuple): """Information about a citation reference.""" citation_ref_id: str #: Unique id of this citation reference. docname: str #: Document name. line: int #: Line number. targets: List[CitationTarget] #: Citation targets (key, pre, post).
[docs]class CiteRole(XRefRole): """Class for processing the :rst:role:`cite` role.""" backend = find_plugin("pybtex.backends", "docutils")() innernodeclass = docutils.nodes.inline
[docs] def result_nodes(self, document, env, node, is_ref): """Associate the pending_xref with the cite domain, and note the cited citation keys. """ if not node.get("refdomain"): assert node["reftype"] == "cite" node["refdomain"] = "cite" node["reftype"] = "p" document.note_explicit_target(node, node) # for backrefs domain = cast("BibtexDomain", env.get_domain("cite")) domain.citation_refs.append( CitationRef( citation_ref_id=node["ids"][0], docname=env.docname, line=document.line, targets=list(parse_citation_targets(, ) ) return [node], []