Source code for sphinxcontrib.bibtex.nodes

    .. autoclass:: bibliography
    .. autoclass:: raw_latex
    .. autofunction:: visit_raw_latex
    .. autofunction:: depart_raw_latex

from docutils import nodes
from sphinx.writers.latex import LaTeXTranslator

[docs]class bibliography(nodes.General, nodes.Element): """Node for representing a bibliography. Replaced by a list of citations by :class:`~sphinxcontrib.bibtex.transforms.BibliographyTransform`. """ pass
[docs]class raw_latex( nodes.Special, nodes.Inline, nodes.PreBibliographic, nodes.FixedTextElement ): """Node for representing raw latex data.""" pass
[docs]def visit_raw_latex(self: LaTeXTranslator, node: raw_latex): """Called when entering a raw_latex node. Appends the node's raw source to the latex body. """ self.body.append(node.rawsource)
[docs]def depart_raw_latex(self: LaTeXTranslator, node: raw_latex): """Called when leaving a raw_latex node.""" pass